Beverly Dennis

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Beverly Dennis is an American painter, now living in Austin, Texas. Her contemporary landscapes of intense color are in found in many collections from the south to the west coast. She is currently affiliated with Carol Robinson Gallery, in New Orleans, LA., Gallery off the Square, Georgetown, Texas, and represented by Adela Davis(, New Braunfels and Lee Small (, Ft Worth, Texas. Beverly earned her B.A. at Southern Methodist University, and her M.F.A. in painting at the University of Southern Mississippi. She was an instructor at Ole Miss before she taught at a small community college in Mississippi (Jones County Junior College). She describes the influence on her works, “I am fascinated by space... by color, by line and shape. I am delighted by evidence of all of these. A painting is the perfect meeting point. The vastness of space that encloses us or invites us into intimacy. The color that changes and reveals. Light that focuses or obscures. The painting is that device that transforms 'reverie into reality and vice versa.' The painting tells me more about you than you know.” For more information contact: