Beverly Dennis

I am fascinated by space... by color, by line and shape, delighted by evidence of all of these.
The painting is that device that transforms 'reverie into reality and vice versa.'

New Work

Lake Travis Silver

Indulging my current preoccupation with distance and perspective, Lake Travis aerial view on silver ground. Oil, 36"x48" A departure from the gold ground on other works here. An exciting change as exploring the paint and the under glow.

Social Distance

"Social Distance" suggests to us how dramatic the changes in art and society have been in 2020. Borrowing the iconography of Seurat, using the color palette of today and focusing on the new social structure. Oil on canvas. 36"x48"

High Peaks

"High Peaks" is the fascination with aerial perspective and being able to view earth forms from a distance. Or life from away. Oil on canvas, 24"x48"

Distant Places

"Distant Places" further explores the dream state that shows far away from touch or even clear knowledge the act of being or events. 24"x48"

Fly Over

"Fly Over" is more of a dream image. Far from a fear of flying its a wish to fly, or a maybe an early memory. Oil on canvas, 36"x48."